Are Auckland’s big building consent numbers translating into houses on the ground?

28 November 2023

Since the Unitary Plan became operative in 2016, Auckland has experienced record levels of new residential building consents, averaging 15,400 p.a. and exceeding 20,000 for the first time in 2021.  At face value, this suggests a large number of new houses on the ground.  However, not all building consents result in a new dwelling being completed. 


Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) data shows that of the 15,400 new dwellings consented each year, only 70% or 10,700 new dwelling completions have been recorded.   

Source: Auckland Council & Statistics NZ

On the other side of the ledger, 9,500 dwellings have been demolished each year to make way for these new dwellings.  This means that of the total 15,400 new dwellings consented each year, only 38% or 5,900 have resulted in a net additional dwelling, as shown in Watercare’s total residential water connections data.  


This results in one dwelling for every 3.4 additional residents.  When compared to the regional average of one dwelling for every 3.0 residents, this suggests that Auckland needs at least 25,000 building consents each year, to result in enough ‘net completions’ to keep pace with demand.   

Adam Thompson

Director and Lead Economic & Property Researcher

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