About Us

UE brings together a team of focused economic and property researchers that have a passion for understanding what drives successful cities and development projects.  

It’s this expertise and dedication that enables us to deliver consistently high standard of service to our clients.  

Our Team

Adam Thompson

Director & Lead Economic & Property Researcher

Adam’s foundation is a diverse academic background, spanning urban planning, design, and economics.  Adam has a Bachelor of Resource Studies from Lincoln University, a Master of Planning from Auckland University, and a dissertation on Urban Economics from the London School of Economics.

Since then, and with over 20 years’ experience Adam is an expert in land-use issues and specialises in the economic and spatial aspects of urban planning and property development.

Adam & his team have prepared and reviewed the economic and property market research that underpins urban policy and are involved in the preparation of expert evidence for Resource Consent, Environment Court, and High Court hearings. This experience has provided the expertise to understand the insight and the link between research and urban policy.

My focus is to continue to grow a team focused on excellence, as I have an interest in mentoring the next generation of urban economists, who don't just rely on data, but that contribute to the depth of the data with expertise and sound commercial understanding. 

If Adam isn't analysing data, you might find him enjoying his other passion, sailing, both competitively and for downtime with the family.

Merzan Wadia

Senior Economic & Property Researcher

Merzan is a seasoned economics and property researcher with a profound commitment to delivering comprehensive analysis to empower informed decision-making. Holding a master’s in professional economics from Victoria University of Wellington and having worked with some renowned consultancy and public service organisations over the years, Merzan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

At UE, Merzan has been involved with many residential and commercial plan changes, fast-track and resource consent applications for private and public sector clients. Merzan was also involved in the review of the Tier 1 Housing Business Assessment (HBA)on behalf of MfE. His proficiency encompasses diverse areas such as data analysis, economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, market assessment, capacity modelling, and population forecasting.

Beyond the professional realm, Merzan finds joy in a variety of activities. He is an avid runner, finding solace and inspiration in each step. On the weekends, he's known to trade his economics research for a cricket bat, showcasing his competitive spirit and a team-oriented mindset. Additionally, Merzan interests include landscape photography, and music, which allow him to balance his analytical prowess with well-deserved relaxation.

As an economics and property researcher, Merzan exemplifies dedication to excellence, a passion for data-driven insights, and a genuine enjoyment of life's diverse experiences.

Conor Whyte

Senior Economic & Property Researcher

Conor is an experienced economic and property researcher whose contributions to the team are enriched by his diverse skill set in various areas. After majoring in economics as part of a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland, Conor has attained valuable experience in the field of urban economics, with his keen interest in researching the ever-changing urban environments enabling him to provide effective insights backed by well-validated data.

At UE, Conor has been involved in a wide range of residential and commercial plan changes, fast-track consent and resource consent applications for both private and public sector clients. His expertise encompasses diverse areas such as data and economic analysis, capacity modelling and evaluating market potential for both residential and commercial developments.

Outside of work, Conor enjoys spending his free time on the tennis court or being with family and friends.

Brian Tusha

Junior Economic & Property Researcher

Brian, a recent graduate, joined our team with a strong passion for economic consulting, aiming to support positive financial and social impact decisions based on economic data and commercial expertise. As part of the completion of his major in economics, Brian has researched the relationships between rising inflation and supply chain disruptions in the construction sector, to property investment decision-making in New Zealand.

When he's not busy bringing data to life and making valuable contributions to our projects, Brian indulges in his interests in music production and football.